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3 Steps to Becoming a Networking Pro


Networking Your Way to a Successful Medical Practice

The mention of the word “networking” can instill fear in many people. Some imagine a networking event to be a scene of chaotic conversations and endless business card swapping, but that is not what networking truly entails! Regardless of being an introvert, extrovert, or anywhere in between, the concept of networking can be very puzzling to newcomers in the business industry.



As a businessperson, your network will become a huge asset to your professional career. Your network can be a source of partnership for a new business venture or a form of assistance in a time of need. In an effort to help clarify the meaning of networking, we have created three simple steps to help make anyone a networking pro!



The core of networking is about getting to know other people. We network on a daily basis. Greeting the barista during morning rush and chatting with employees of the company down the hall are just a few examples. For business, it’s important to remember that networking is about helping others more so than helping yourself. Listen to others as they speak and offer advice or assistance with a project. At your next networking event, remember that you don’t need to hand out business cards to everyone in the room; rather, get to know the right people and speak with them.




Congratulations on making meaningful connections! Now, try to bring value to those new connections! Much like any other relationship in life, value needs to be implemented and made known in order to be successful. Connect with your networks on social media. Share news articles or video clips that would interest them. A great way to build connections is to introduce your networks to others with similar interests. Being the source of a dynamic partnership is a fulfilling feeling.



The final step in becoming a networking pro is to maintain the connections you’ve made. It would senseless to make wonderful connections only to overlook them as your career progresses. It’s necessary to follow-up with connections into order to build a strong network. Meet up with connections from time to time, and if distance is an issue, exchange emails or Skype chat.


We hope that we shed a positive light on the meaning of networking. Remember that networking should not be self-serving as much as it should emphasize making significant connections. So register for an event, put on a smile and connect, build and maintain!