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Billing Company Management, Billing Assessments & Recommendations

First and foremost, I want to communication that GTP is not a billing and collections company. As your business manager, our goal is to always make sure all aspects of your business is functioning effectively.  Along with that goal, improving the execution of billing, collections and insurance follow-up processes are critical to your success. As we develop marketing strategies to reach new patients, we need to make sure you are increasing profit margins.  Grow The Practice works closely with its owners to analyzing their existing billing and collections policies and procedures.  We stand as a 3rd party auditor of your billing company or billing staff asking key questions, gathering data and identifying the key areas that need improvement.

  1. Billing Process Development and Improvement
  2. Billing Systems Revenue
  3. Bill Assessment & Insurance Flagging
  4. Development of Benchmarks and Reporting Methodologies
  5. Staffing & Interview of Billing Staff or External Companies

Arbitration & Collections Consulting Services

Grow The Practice provides valuable consultation on collections vendors and developing a strategy collections process for the business.  Our arbitration and collection services, including:

  1. Arbitration Process & Procedure Development
  2. Arbitration Staffing & Management Services