Executive Coaching & Training…

Grow The Practice works with medical practice leaders to develop internal capacities, augment leadership skill sets and guide them through a professional growth process necessary for success.  On a weekly and monthly basis, we will assist medical teams in identifying management, team and leadership goals, and hold them accountable for those commitments.

GTP implements a diverse group of coaching and training techniques based on the team size and desired outcomes.  Our end goal is to implement necessary training subjects to help our teams manage strong and profitable enterprise. Strong leadership and organizational management will enable healthcare professionals to build, coach and train their staff members on their clear  path to success. As experts in organizational behavior and management strategies, Grow the Practice will help you empower a passionate team and bring your goals to view. Below are an example of core training and coaching meeting subject areas.

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Identify Individual & Organizational Goals


Analysis of Team & Organizational Structure 


Leadership Training & Team Building


Quarterly Reviews & Benchmarking Growth