You expertise is valuable… Share, Share, Share!

Every patient wants the safety and security of knowing that they are under the very best care. Our expert positioning strategies will work toward getting you, your doctors, and your practice recognized as the top doctors in your specialty and or your city. Through GTP’s custom developed expert positioning campaigns, we will provide a clear message of your unique expertise to the public, while consistently releasing complimentary content on behalf of your brand to amplify your position.  Whether you want a practice based or physician based brand, we have experience crafting a unique positioning strategy and campaign that sticks in the minds of prospective patients when its most important.  As a result of an effective and consistent expert messaging program, you will see an uptick in patient volume, organic media exposure, and networking opportunities.  Our expert positioning campaign activities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Interviews & Spokesperson Spotlights
  2. Profile Articles in Top Periodicals
  3. Expert Witness Opportunities
  4. Book Development & Launch
  5. Public Speaking & Panelist
  6. Workshops & Seminar Courses
  7. Awards & Recognition
  8. Industry Boards & Leadership Positions
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