Build Your Brand…


With dozen’s of identical medical services just door steps from yours, what makes a client dial your number first? A strong brand serves as the foundation of your business’ successful marketing campaign.  While many medical practices struggle to decide between a physician or practice centered brand, its important to make sure you provide a clear message to customers.  Your brand is what customers experience at every step in your sales process. Your brand directs how customers perceive your service, and how it makes them feel. It confirms your company’s creditability, motivates buyers and solidifies customer loyalty. To create the most effective brand, that is unique to your company, Grow The Practice focuses on three strategies: Brand Development, Website & Web 2.0 Design and unique Marketing Collateral. Our Brand Development services include consulting sessions designed to analyze the message received by customers when they experience your logo, external messages and company identity materials.  Following our decision around ideal customer targets, our team of professional graphic and web designers will overhaul each material, re-write content and redeliver the most effect brand message for your practice.  This phase can lead to the optimization or re-design of your company’s website, and creation of campaigned aligned materials that will be the most effective marketing tools for your business. Our brand strategy and execution services include but are not limited to:

  1. Logo and Corporate Identify Review
  2. Development of Unique Brand Image and Message
  3. Professional Images, Biographies & Summaries
  4. Websites Content Optimization
  5. Development of Customized Marketing Collateral
  6. Development of Unique Marketing Campaign Materials & Products

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