The right press story will advance your brand…

Whether your target is local, regional or national visibility, Grow The Practice is experienced at working with your team and our press partners to share your unique message or success stories to the public.  As a key part of our consistent marketing campaigns, GTP consistently works to get our doctors promoted in the local and national media.  Similar to our expert positioning strategies for your medical practice, developing and executing a robust Press and Public Relations strategy can keep a practice in front of the new cycle and keep agencies constantly reaching out for comment on key health and wellness trends.

These strategies can involve featuring your doctors and medical practice in print, television, radio, and podcasts with no costs for advertising, but a confidence acquired by journalist about your unique opinion and message. Grow The Practice will work with your team to craft your target media exposure targets then work towards getting your practice exposed to potential patients and partners on the local, regional, and national levels.  Whether its by sharing practice news, consistently sending press releases, sharing unconventional views on medical trends and more, GTP will ensure your practice is spotlighted as the place to come for top notch care and expert knowledge.  Depending on our client’s desired reach, we have successful procured speaking engagements to news features to ensure your practice and physician is viewed in a positive light.

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