Deliver your unique message with Advertising …

While a diverse and consistent marketing effort is critical to finding new patients, a targeted and well planning advertising campaign can speed up the process and bring patients to your door.  Advertising is an important part of reaching potential patients by investing in free, low cost and high costs campaigns designed to reach prospective patients in a diverse group of medians.  Grow The Practice’s advertising strategies will first and foremost determine where and how your practice should invest in advertising to reach your specific demographics in a targeted area so that efforts and dollars are not wasted.  Whether its a direct mail campaign with custom postcards, bus shelters, billboards, television ads or Google Adwords, GTP works within a client’s specified budget to launch the best advertising campaign for their businesses. Our Advertising activities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Print Advertising via Newspapers, Magazines & Periodicals
  2. Banner Advertising
  3. Google Advertising
  4. Facebook & Social Media Advertising
  5. Local Advertising
  6. Television Advertising
  7. Billboards
  8. Postcards & Mailers

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