Reach #1 Position on Google, Bing, and Yahoo …


How are your new patients finding you?

Do you know where you rank in the search engines for your top search keywords?

In our world of smart phones, notepads and personal computers, everyone generally searches just a few keywords to find anything from a restaurant, gas station to their next doctor.  While many medical practices exclusively depend on referrals from other patients and insurance companies to keep their businesses going, that can no longer be a practices’ exclusive method of marketing.  These days, whether you are a primary doctor, general dentist or speciality medical service, you have a higher chance of being found by new clients through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. By positioning your practice to be highly ranked in the right keywords and the right cities, you will begin to have patients consistently knocking on your doors with little to no effort. To ensure this happens, your practice needs to maximize the possibility of being found through a comprehensive process called Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Grow The Practice’s SEO/SEM campaigns will analyze the most effective keywords for your business and get your practice included in as many relevant directories as possible. With strategic link building, bookmarking, content optimization and metatags that are relevant to you and your competitors, GTP gives you the best shot in being found by someone who needs your help. While there are a thousand search engine marketing vendors vetting for the attention of medical providers like you, how many of them assure you that the services provided will last beyond their 1 to 6 month agreement with you? Our SEO and SEM Marketing activities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Site Design and Structure
  2. Start with submission to Search Engines/Directories
  3. Link Building Services
  4. Web 2.0 Optimization Services
  5. Social Networking Websites
  6. Bookmark Sites
  7. Article submissions, Forums & Discussion groups
  8. Classifieds Postings
  9. Comments on Blogs and Articles
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Press Releases
  12. Analytics and Reporting

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