Every Referral Counts …

While marketing is critical to growing your medical practice, many physicians forget about the treasure chest of opportunities sitting in folders collecting dust or in a system not being utilized. Referral marketing strategies, are a direct marketing campaign focus on communicate your practice’s message to past, present and future patients by establishing a referral and loyalty system that works.  Patients or partners who love what you do, want to tell the world but you have to make it easy and simple for them.  Consistently providing critical information about how to refer new patients, providing excellent care and having a process to report back to the referral are important steps to consistently receiving more and more referrals.

Does your CRM system have a tracking for patient referrals, do you send thank you notes and post cards, do you have discounts or incentives connected to referrals? These are all just a few ways to share an effective marketing system with your network and keep business coming.  GTP will work with you to identify which referral system or plan works best for your business.  Once a database is in place, we will work with you and your team to develop and execute targeted campaigns through email, mail campaigns, in person, daily deals, and more to encourage an active engagement for potential referral partners. Results through our referral and direct marketing campaigns are measurable so you will always be working towards a positive ROI.

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