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4 Tips to Boost Your Practice’s Social Media Marketing

It is no secret that the power of social media is growing throughout all facets of society. Social media is becoming a major source of information for clients and patients to gain knowledge about various topics and conditions. It is vital that your practice has a strong social media brand in order to garner a following of patients and prospective patients that will utilize your trusted and respected services!



1. Develop a Business Brand

In business, it’s said that your brand is composed of the things said about you after you leave the room. A brand should be authentic, consistent and provide a meaningful experience. In order to gain a significant following on social media, it is key that you develop and hone a brand for your practice.


2. Share Quality Content

When determining what should be posted to your social platforms, it is necessary that you share content that is relevant to your practice and your followers. Engagement is key when growing your social media influence; therefore, the content you share must be consistent with your brand. Content can be shared in the form of infographics, blog posts, videos and photos.


3. Connect with Fellow Physicians and Professionals

Networking is essential to growing your business both offline and online. Through connecting and following fellow industry professionals, you can attract the attention of prospective patients. A simple comment of support on a photo or blog post goes a long way in social media!


4. Post on Schedule

Developing a posting schedule catered to each platform ensures consistency for your target audience. For Facebook and Twitter, posting in the early afternoon is ideal for maximum reach. On LinkedIn, early morning postings are best, whereas for Instagram, the evening hours are ideal. Utilizing a social media management tool such as Hootsuite is a great way to spread content and posting schedules on multiple platforms.



Are you interested in learning more tips about growing your social media following? Grow the Practice is happy to help your practice reach its social marketing needs! Call us at 1-800-383-1148.