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Team Building for Your Medical Practice’s Success

Building the Best Team for Your Practice

In business, the best idea or greatest partnership will not reach maximum potential if the team working behind the scenes is not functioning properly. The team is truly at the core of the business since these individuals are the powerhouses keeping the organization running. In order to help your business reach its full potential, we want to share some ways to build the team you need to get the job done.


The core of team building is building relationships. Communication is the basis of any solid relationship. As the manager, it is your job to make sure the team is functioning as one. A great way to open communication between your team is to organize ways in which the group can meet as a whole. This can be as simple as a monthly team lunch, weekly check-ins between employees or occasional activities like company trips or outings. When employees make connections amongst each other, a sense of comfort is achieved and communication opens up.

Social media is also an effective way to build a strong team. Start a Facebook page for your company and allow employees to make posts. Use LinkedIn to make connections with your team. Encourage your team to engage more on Twitter. When employees feel a personal sense of connection to their company, productivity will surely boost.

Finally, great teams need great leaders! Allow yourself to become the leader your team needs in order to reach success. Remember, you are the person your team looks to in times of need or stress. Leadership and team building go hand-in-hand. So, round your team and lead them to the way of success!


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Why Recruitment and Staffing is Crucial to your Practice

In the context of medical practice management,  five main functions are necessary for the success of an organization.

These are:

• Planning

• Organizing

• Staffing

• Controlling

• Directing


Each of these is a crucial step to be administered for the success of a business. The collective success of all functions makes the organization stand successfully. Here we will talk about the staffing function and its importance to an organization.

Staffing basically means FILLING and KEEP FILLED the job positions in an organization Staffing function also includes the Recruitment Decision. Recruitment is the process of creating a pool of employees suitable for employment followed by selecting the prospective employees from amongst them. This is a very important aspect of the management process as employees are one of the most important assets of an organization.

They are the ones on whom the functioning of the organization depends. A good recruitment and staffing decision is extremely beneficial to an organization in the long run. Your recruitment process will also aid in the motivation of employees. This is achieved by building an impression that people have been selected because they deserve to, it really helps set standards for the organization. Most importantly an organization is free from future hassles of re-recruitment and re-staffing thus saving upon future monetary as well as non-monetary resources of the organization.

The recruitment process in an organization has three main stages. Firstly it consists of identifying the job requirements. This consists of finding out the job description and specifications, and the number of staff required to fill in the job position. The Second stage consists of building the pool of resources i.e. potential employees from which the company selects the prospective candidates. The Third and the most important part of staffing is that of selecting from among the prospective pool of employees, those who are most suitable for the organizations purpose.

The human resources of an organization are the ones on whom the proper functioning of an organization depends. By telling that staffing means keeping and keep filled, it does not mean filling up job positions just for the sake of it.

Staffing is all about having the right person for the right job.

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